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The Austin Society of Karate (ASK) is a member of the All-American Society of Karate. We currently have over twenty locations in the school districts of Austin, Eanes, Lockhart, Manor, and Round Rock. See the classes page for specific times and places.

We teach American Karate - with an emphasis on conditioning and self-defense. Sparring is also emphasized, and we have our own tournaments four times a year.

The ASK children's program has been in place since 1970. This special program helps to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and coordination, all while learning martial arts. Our "kids safe" program teaches abduction prevention and awareness.

Greg Beaver is the program director. Mr. Beaver started practicing karate in 1973, and received his black belt in 1977. His current ranking is 6th degree black belt. The Austin program began in 1983; we currently have over 40 certified Brown and Black Belt instructors who assist with the program.

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The Austin Society of Karate Refund Policy: We do not refund any part of Tuition after the student has attended the first class. Any equipment or uniforms purchased will be replaced if the Austin Society of Karate feels that the damage was not due to neglect or abuse. Any and All Tournament or Belt test are not refundable. If you miss a tournament or belt test you will have your fee applied to the next event.