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ASK runs an advanced program for called the Soaring Eagles Demo Team. The Demo Team has two training locations.  Our South Demo Team is trained under Greg Beaver. The North Demo Team is trained under John Jungmann..

The Soaring Eagles represent the All-American Society of Karate on a local and national level.  This level of competition allows members of the Austin Demo Team to be ranked on a state and national level. The Demo Team is formed based on nominations from instructors at all ASK training sites. New nominations and tryouts occur on a quarterly basis. All Demo team members must be at the orange belt rank or above.

Out-of-town tournaments, including national tournaments, are reserved for members of the Demo Team. All ASK students are eligible to compete in the local Austin tournaments.

If you have questions regarding this aspect of the ASK program, please contact your instructor.


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The Austin Society of Karate Refund Policy: We do not refund any part of Tuition after the student has attended the first class. Any equipment or uniforms purchased will be replaced if the Austin Society of Karate feels that the damage was not due to neglect or abuse. Any and All Tournament or Belt test are not refundable. If you miss a tournament or belt test you will have your fee applied to the next event.